It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Old BlackBerry Phone, As The App Store Shuts Down In 2019


BlackBerry, once the sovereign incomparable of the superior cell phone, is nearing a lamentable end.

The organization has now declared it’ll be closing down its BlackBerry application store by December 2019.

As far back as the organization chose to change over from BBOS to Android route in 2015, with the dispatch of the BlackBerry Priv, it’s altogether been downhill. From that point forward, the organization even surrendered making cell phones totally, now concentrating on big business programming that organizes security.

Without a doubt, BlackBerry still dispatches an Android gadget occasionally, however those are produced by China-based TCL. Presently, on account of poor deals, even they’re offering of around a large portion of the business to outside financial specialists. BlackBerry sold only 200,000 telephones in 2017, which means it had short of what one percent of the worldwide cell phone showcase.

As a component of the declaration, the BlackBerry Travel and PlayBook applications will be closed down in February and March separately. Both exclusive applications, BlackBerry Travel let clients design and book trips from their BB gadgets, while PlayBook offered video conferencing.

Obviously, BlackBerry is a long way from any of the ways we utilize a cell phone today. What’s more, however a considerable measure of you may have never at any point utilized one, there were a couple of ages that were enthusiastic fans in the 2000s, both fly setting specialists and enchanted understudies alike.

What’s more, on the grounds that there might be a couple of regardless you utilizing a BB10 or BBOS gadget, the organization says it’ll offer you an opportunity to move up to the Android-based BlackBerry KeyOne or Motion, for a markdown.