Survivor finale: Jeff Probst explains cause behind arguable twist


Each week, Jeff Probst will solution a few questions on the brand new episode of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers.

entertainment WEEKLY: let’s begin the same way we start every finale discussion, through assessing the new winner. supply us your mind on freshly minted champion Ben and the task he did this season.
JEFF PROBST: properly, based totally at the reaction of the target market looking the show stay at CBS, humans love Ben! i used to be absolutely impressed with all people in the very last five. all of them played exceptional games and all had a shot to win it. there may be no denying Ben earned his way to the final. He wasn’t very a success at challenges, but he made up for it by using searching for idols all day, all night time. His lower back became in opposition to the wall for so many Tribal Councils and yet he usually observed a manner to keep himself in the game. I assume that kind of momentum performs a element inside the jury vote. They weigh such a lot of extraordinary elements. Ben got here throughout as a complete individual. He become now not without faults, however his unrelenting ferocity inspired. I truely enjoyed having Ben on the show. i am hoping he’d recollect gambling again.

That was considered one of my preferred very last Survivor challenges ever. go beforehand and try to fake you were not thanking the Survivor gods whilst you noticed Ben location an upside-down U, because you had to recognise that made for a actually indelible second.
That mission has to move down as one of the pinnacle 10 of all time. It changed into created by using a new brilliant venture fashion designer and thoroughly examined for multiple months to make certain it changed into truthful and to make certain a person should truly finish! whilst Ben had that upside-down U, I think I seemed four instances simply to ensure that i was seeing what I thought i was. sure, the ones are the moments that make a season memorable. And as heartbreaking as it is to peer someone so close… you guess it’s a “thanks, Survivor gods” moment.

this is a large format exchange you probably did right here on the very last four in terms of having the winner of the closing immunity assignment (Chrissy) bring one individual (Ryan) to the stop and having the others (Devon and Ben) war it out in a hearth-making competition. when and why did you all determine to forgo the usual final four vote, and is that this something that is indeed right here to live, like you stated in the course of the stay display?
This concept befell to resolve a trouble that has troubled me for years. If someone performs a first rate sport and receives to the very last four, it has usually me that the opposite 3 can actually say, “we will’t beat him, so let’s all simply vote him out.” So this year we decided to make a alternate. if you get to final 4, you are guaranteed a shot to earn your way to the quit. And if you are the only to win the final 4 challenge, you’re in price of who you’re taking and who you force to fight for it in a hearth-making showdown. And of course, it goes with out pronouncing, we were given fortunate with a large million greenback showdown between Ben and Devon. It become electric powered. And yes, with a view to be a new layout exchange and could seem in subsequent season, Survivor: Ghost Island.

I went on at duration in my recap about how juries in trendy appear to be greater inspired by way of immunity idols than immunity necklaces, and my theory is that it is because idols make for a whole lot better theater. The jury participants don’t see everything that is going into triumphing the challenges due to the fact they may be now not there, however the idols happen right in the front of them in very dramatic style so make greater of an impact. Do you think there’s some thing to that?
It’s an interesting argument. We typically speak about the mission all through Tribal so that the jury has an concept of what went down, but it is able to be that the visible second at Tribal just leaves a bigger influence. I think this season the cause the jury changed into so impressed with Ben and his idols is that he was locating them in spite of every person understanding he became looking for them. I suggest, he sincerely turned into preventing everyone left in the game and i think the jury rewarded that on a few level.

My preferred moment of the stay display was whilst you delivered out Ben’s old Marine friends. tell me how that got here together.
That’s simply one of these magical moments. one of our producers was talking to Ben’s spouse and he or she noted a few of Ben’s pals and how close all of them were. We reached out to them and it become clear they were touched through Ben’s bravery in sharing his tale and that they truely wanted to mention thank you and connect in man or woman. So we flew them out and that they did the relaxation. It became a stunning second and i agree it was one of the highlights of the entire night time.