Jonghyun Suicide Note Points to K-Pop’s Brutal Pressure


Jonghyun Suicide Note Points to K-Pop’s Brutal Pressure

A goodbye note sent by Kim Jong-hyun, better known by his stage name, Jonghyun, and as front man in Korean-pop sensation SHINee, was transferred to online networking on Tuesday. It focuses to the devastating weight of being a VIP in Korea.

Kim was discovered oblivious at a private lodging in Seoul on Monday and kicked the bucket in healing facility. Seoul police are presently regarding his demise as suicide.

The police report that Kim’s more seasoned sister got an instant message on Monday recommending that the star would kill himself. What’s more, on Tuesday, a more drawn out suicide note was transferred on the Instagram record of Nine, a performer with current musical crew Dear Cloud. As indicated by Nine’s administration, the note was given to her two weeks previously Kim’s demise.

“I am parted from inside. The sorrow that had been gradually gobbling me up at long last ate up me and I couldn’t overcome it,” the 27-year old artist musician composed toward the start of his note. Kim additionally composed that his specialist had pointed the finger at Kim’s identity for being not able pushed off the sadness. His note does not indicate what he has been troubled by, but rather he quickly recommends that being a superstar included weight.

“Possibly I should come up against the world; perhaps I should be known to the world; I’ve discovered that is the thing that (makes my life) troublesome. Why I picked that,” it peruses.

The Korean excitement is famously high weight. It incorporates a “Yearning Games”- like workplace, where each partner is additionally a contender, and just the most grounded survive. Numerous gifts are selected as youngsters, and may not be candidly develop enough to deal with the teach and the investigation. The Korean open set elevated requirements of conduct and physical appearance, and utilize pervasive web-based social networking to pass moment judgment.

Since the late 1990s when Korean pop, film and TV dramatizations developed to end up noticeably a wonder around Asia, a few other youthful Korean abilities have submitted suicide. Many have abandoned notes about how destructive the business is.

Korean-American artist Charles Park, known by his stage name Seo Ji-won, was one of the main K-pop big names to take his own particular life – on 1 Jan 1996. In a note, he admitted worries about the sudden accomplishment of his presentation collection, and whether its development, which he had completed the process of recording before his demise, would be similarly fruitful. He was 19.

Different on-screen characters and female craftsmen have murdered themselves, whining of discouragement and bafflement with the business. Jang Ja-yeon, who had a supporting part in the Korean adaptation of hit TV arrangement, “Young men Over Flowers,” wrote in her suicide take note of that she had been compelled to perform sexual favors to purported supports who enable ability to get parts in prominent TV arrangement or movies.

A source near performing artist Jeong Da-receptacle, who kicked the bucket in 2007, told the police that Jeong had been discouraged over her absence of work, the detainment of her past director, and online assaults about her appearance.

On-screen character turned-vocalist U;Nee hung herself that year. As indicated by the police report, individuals near U;Nee expressed that she had turned out to be discouraged by online feedback, particularly assaults over her hot style.

The purposes behind Kim’s choice to murder himself are not yet clear. The last words from one of the business’ most famous acts, be that as it may, uncover a portion of the dim underbelly underneath K-pop’s perfect, sparkling façade.